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I am somewhat skeptical as to which cities they decided to investigate, because we ranked low on “restaurants per capita” at No. you name it, I’ve tried it — well, except for Craigslist. I once found a hippie on Plenty of Fish, but I never could compete with a tree, so she tossed me to the wind.

I have realized, however, that I should practice a “less is more” approach to online dating and only pick one or two decent sites.

I’d like to meet someone the old-fashioned way, just like Grandma and Grandpa did: In a bar at a.m. Or in the Valu Market beer cave between the Michelob Ultra and Bud Light Lime.

Or maybe in the Port-o-Pot line at the Oaks infield.

She said that he groped her and stuck his tongue in her mouth, then put his hand down her pants and slipped it inside her vagina.

She said she begged him to stop, but Johnson kept telling her she would like it.

Three other lawmakers were involved in the settlement, and all lost their committee chairmanships.

According to a recent Wallet Hub Study, Kentucky is the sixth worst state for singles, narrowly beating out the likes of Alaska, West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi.

Bullitt County Coroner Dave Billings said Johnson died of a single gunshot wound on Greenwell Ford Road in Mount Washington, Kentucky.

Billings said Johnson stopped his car at the end of a bridge in a secluded area, then got out and walked to the front of the car.

And when my Match subscription ends in March, I’d like to be done with them completely — save for Tinder.

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