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(The other two colleges are nearby and are Smith and Mt. Just in the last month I’ve seen Andrea Gibson at Smith and Rachel Maddow at Mt.Holyoke, and got to talk to both of these amazing human beings afterward.

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And cheap — the half sandwiches are pretty big, and delicious, so, you save dollah billz. Really good food and coffee — the breakfast sandwiches and grilled cheeses are ridiculous. It’s super veg friendly — you can sub tofu/tempeh for everything.

Woodstar Cafe: (60 Masonic St.) Woodstar has delish gluten-free (as well as gluten-filled) treats. There are queers with good fashion here, good people-watching. Sweeties: (68 Main St.) A great candy shop with kosher and vegan options.

The Foundry: (24 Main St.) This is a new place that just opened in March, owned by a Smith alumna. Gay Coffee was brought in to the world by two Smith alums, and is now roasted in Williamsburg.

It’s not a place you can get coffee, but a cool local brand. You can order it online, or pick it up at Pride & Joy.

Haymarket Cafe: (185 Main St.) All-vegetarian, delicious food downstairs and coffee shop upstairs. Shelburne Falls: (124 King St.) Cheaper coffee than most of the other shops, but no sitting area to do homework/work. It’s a little farther away than the other locales, but not so far you can’t bike.

There will almost always be gays and Smithies in the Haymarket! The Roost: (1 Market St.) The Roost is Mareika’s favorite place in Northampton, and it always has lots of people doing work/studying. Bread Euphoria: (206 Main Street, Haydenville, MA 01039) This place hired Mareika, so you should become a fan/patron. Bueno y Sano: (134 Main St.) There’s lotsa Mexi food in Noho, but Bueno is really good and really cheap. Viva Fresh Pasta: (249 Main St.) Viva makes their own pasta/sauce. Zen: (41 Main St.) We vote this the best Japanese food in Northampton. Local Burger: (16 Main St.) Even though Emily doesn’t eat meat, she still thinks Local Burger is the best burger place — veggie or meaty. The Green Bean: (241 Main St.) There’s a few breakfast/brunch places in Noho, but the Green Bean is THE BEST.

It would be impossible to list all of the restaurants that are delicious here, we left out some great ones that you can list in the comments if you like!

You can find pretty much all kinds of ethnic food in Noho.

There’s an extremely large trans community, both trans men AND women.

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