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The Mediterranean Sea played a pivotal role in human migration processes from the Levant and the Near East into Europe during the principal phases and cultural changes associated to the peopling of the continent.

The cross-cultural gateway linking Southern Italy with the south of the Balkans and the Aegean Greek Islands represented the theatre of multi-layered migrations of peoples and cultures both in pre-historical and historical times (e.g.

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Previous studies based on uniparental markers agreed with historical data in revealing signatures of a Balkan genetic heritage in the Southern Italian Arbereshe ethno-linguistic groups.

On the other hand, traces of the Greek colonization remain clearly visible in the historical and cultural heritage of Southern Italy (e.g.

The youngest child of Helen Cilley and Eugene Charles Alder, she attended Adelphi Academy in Brooklyn until her family moved to Minneapolis, where she completed her secondary education at the Northrop Collegiate School.

Y., she spent most of her life on Philadelphia’s Main Line.

We address this issue by genotyping 511 samples from 23 populations of Sicily, Southern Italy, Greece and Albania with the Illumina Geno Chip Array, also including new samples from Albanian- and Greek-speaking ethno-linguistic minorities of Southern Italy.

Our results reveal a shared Mediterranean genetic continuity, extending from Sicily to Cyprus, where Southern Italian populations appear genetically closer to Greek-speaking islands than to continental Greece.This is documented, for instance, by the presence of two of the largest ethno-linguistic minorities of Italy.Albanian-speaking Arbereshe represent ethno-linguistic enclaves today surviving in few municipalities of the provinces of Palermo (Sicily) and Cosenza (Calabria, Southern Italy).She was a longtime member of the Overbrook Presbyterian Church, where she was one of the first female elders and the first female trustee. Savage helped develop what is now the Overbrook Preschool and Kindergarten by serving on its board of directors for 30 years.She was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and the Daughters of the Cincinnati, composed of women whose ancestors were officers in George Washington’s army and navy during the Revolutionary War. Savage and her husband often attended auctions in New Hampshire, looking for examples of early American furniture and artifacts.archaeological remains, architectural legacy, toponymic inventory, etc.) and particularly in the presence of Greek-speaking minorities.

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