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Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. A., 00 Lowell, 186 Bates, Arlo, on Lowell, 191 Baxter, Sylvester, on Lowell, 191 Beach, M. 256; Newspaper Enterp Hse, 144; Newspaper Personalides, 220: Reporters* Accuracy, lis Beanc, S. Margaret Foley's name was always si)okenwith tender affection. The historical allusions in the story are based on fact, but it is by no means a dose of history in the guise of fiction.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Hut the supreme attraction was Mary Howitt herself ; a spare, straight, rather quaint figure, robed in black silk, with soft lace at the throat and wrists, a black lace cap over the thin hair, with long lappets falling back of the ears to the shoulders, which were usually covered with a knitted shawl of wool. Without being ** preachy" in the least, it inculcates good moral lessons, and any boy or girl will be wiser and better for having react it.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. The most striking object in the long room, where the brilliance of the Meran sunshine was subdued to a harmony of warmth and light, was a marble figure of a child, chiselled by Mar garet Foley, the American sculptress, who was a warm ' Howitt, and a meml)er of their household for several years of their residence in Rome.

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Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Certainly, this study of words is interesting, not only as a pleasant literary pastime, but because we thus come face to face with the spirit of language, and we may learn the trye character of a people by studying their thoughts as expressed in the words employed in their e very-day life. Howitt built a pleasant house, the windows of which looked out upon the noble peaks of Alps 8,000 and 10,000 feet high, and which was surrounded by a stretch of garden plot, where she often took her constitutional. In "The Historic Schools of Painting," the author, who is an instructor in the Massachu- setts Normal Art School, aims to give, in con- densed form, some general knowledge of the principal historic schools of painting.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. This home she called Martenruhey ** Mary's Rest." It was built like most Continental houses, in two separate apartments, one above the other. Art, the study of a lifetime, cannot be boiled down into a little han(llxok ; but the student who wishes merely to get a smattering of art knowledge, and the names of the most noted painters of the various schools, may find this book u.seful.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Duncan ( r), 81 American Literature, Hawthorne, 109, 198 American Poets. The year of the Pope's Jubilee she went to Rome with her daughter, a staunch Romanist, even before her mother changed, and the young lady friend, also a pervert. *• Thai splendid lilerar)' mastifl, Thomas Car- lyle, tlying, bequeathed his political point of view, and what he would himself have called his atrabilious temperament, to Mr. To those who have visited the Adirondacks the full-page pictures alone are " worth the price of the book." w.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I \ 30^ [i/^-o-wi H- The Writer A MONTHLY MAGAZINE FOR LITERARY WORKERS VOLUME V JANUARY-DECEMBER, 1891 BOSTON : THE WRITER PUBLISHING COMPANY 282 WASHINGTON STREET 1891 [(.'orv Bu. Mary Howitt had set her heart upon heading the band of English pilgrims to the Vatican. James Anthony Froude " — is the way in which Melville Phil- ips begins a review of Froude*s ** Lord Beacons- field " in the Philadelphia Press.

Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. A brisk step, like that of a young girl ; a vivacious manner; a gentle, wrinkled face, with soft, shining eyes; a ready smile, and a very human interest in all your little daily affairs, — this was Mary Howitt as I knew her. How do you dare tell me that you are old.** Why, 1 consider myself quite a young woman ! Her English friends grieved greatly, but I could never see that it made much difference, except that she withdrew more and more from general society to wrap herself up too exclu- sively in the companionship of a few bigots — some English, some German.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. E., on Lowell, 18^ Adams, Oacar Fay, on Lowell, 189 Address of firms, 33 1 Adirondack Cabin ( r ), 13 Adopting a Farm, Sanborn ( r ), 174 Adventures of Three Worthies, Ross ( r )» 174 Adverbials, 323 Advertisement, pronoundation, 330 Advertisements, 147 for it;, ici Afro- American Press. Masculine Nom oe Plume, si Arnold, Mattnew, and Lowell, Mc Laughlin, 191 — Selections from Wordsworth, Hanscom, 143 Art, Anatomy in. Adeline (r), 103 Artistic Homts(r), 149 As We Saw 1, Sheldon ; r ), 107 Ask after, 1 1 Astronomy. She was then eighty years old, and was writing her *' Reminiscences," which shortly afterward appeared in Good Words, She regarded herself as being in the prime of life. '* Their birthdays fell on the same day, and twenty years lay between them. She fell to proselyting, too, dear old lady, in her own sweet, gentle way.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. The lower apartment was let for several years to an Kng Hsh clergyman and his wife; but the upper one was occupied by Mary Howitt her- self, her daughter Margaret, and, during the latter years of their stay, a young lady friend and companion. Still, on the other hand, it is a question whether this fragmentary knowledge is worth having, and whether frank ignorance is not better than superficiality.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. It was a charming interior, peculiarly peaceful, it always seemed to me.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Penn ( r ), 148 Advertisers, Book for (r ), Alden's Cyclopaedia (r), 150 Allen, E. Young (r ) 14 Atman, Williams (r), 86 Attain to, 230 Author and Editor. Another dear old lady of sixty, much more elderly than Mrs. No one of us disputed her, because, though somewhat prematurely, she was just a dear, cosy, little old lady. First, the wife of the English clergyman living below allowed her gray head to be rebaptized by a Roman Catholic priest, and later her husband, after having offi- ciated many long years as rector of the English Church, both at home and abroad, dropped his clerical robes.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. A., 65 Allen, James Lane, portrait and sketch, 135, 179 Allen, M. 100 ; Rider, 137 ; Saxton, 69 Author and Publisher, 203 ; Purdy, 68 Authors, advice to, 158; Fund, 100; Pay, 16. We never knew of his actually becoming a memlcr of the Romish Church, but he joined his wife in her attendance and devo- tions. Although •' An Adirondack Cabin " is a book intended tor young people, it is made interesting to grown folks by the fine half- tone reproductions of photographs of Adiron- dack scenery, with which the' story is illus- trated.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. The drawing-room was simply, but tastefully, furnished, and strewn all about were specimens of Mrs.

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