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But others, scattered about the world and peering through computer screens, would see Glass and Lopatka only as "Slowhand" and "Nancy," whimsical aliases with wild, even dangerous electronic personae.

Their other lives, the ones they had invented in the cold glow of computer screens, the ones they made forbidden and thrilling late at night over the clippity rhythm of their keyboards, those lives died with Sharon Lopatka.

In the end, the electronic alter egos were ethereal.

During Johnson’s opening, Hughes smirked at several of her comments.

When it came time for defense to address the jury, James told the panel that the sex that day was consensual.

James asked the victim why she never went to the authorities to report the threatening texts.“I didn’t want him to get into trouble,” she said.

“I just wanted him to stop.”Earlier in the day, both the state and defense gave widely different versions of what went on, in their opening statements to the jury.“On that Sept.

But others, such as Al Cooper, director of the San Jose Marital and Sexuality Centre, cautioned against "demonizing" the Internet when it "has done so much to help people with their sexuality." For those who have trouble making the first move, "the Internet can be a good first step" toward communicating with other people about difficult subjects such as sexuality, said Cooper, who has an online advice column. A Berkeley, Calif., woman said she and other bondage enthusiasts corresponded with Lopatka and concluded that the woman was seeking someone to kill her. Police say the two exchanged messages describing the violence Glass would inflict on Lopatka.

In court papers, they say Lopatka left her home Oct.

Assistant District Attorney Mandy Johnson read several text message series into evidence.

The messages were sent by Hughes to the victim in the days leading up to the alleged rape, prior testimony brought out.

The victim agreed the acts and communications were consensual. Previous testimony brought out that the victim ang Hughes had an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted for about two years before the alleged rape. On redirect, Assistant District Attorney Mandy Johnson brought out time line issues. Hughes allegedly kicked in the door of the woman’s home that afternoon in September 2016, pulled her from the shower and raped her, said Sheriff Bill Franklin.

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