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Another good way to meet people is through your activities and interests.You can meet someone at church, through political events, or other events.

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I’ve noticed that some seventy-year olds simply refuse to give up.

They enjoyed the fruits of what I think of as “the golden age of sex” (lots of sexual exploration coupled with no fatal diseases).

I thought about what might have caused them dissatisfaction in their sixties and why that might have lifted ten years later. In the sixties lots of physical changes begin to set in that can derail or frustrate sexuality. Recently, one of my senior citizen clients sent me this: Two elderly ladies are sitting on the porch, doing nothing. ’The other replies, ‘Oh, sure I do.’The first old lady asks, ‘What do you do about it?

It’s a time of adjusting to creaking joints, hearing aids, rising blood pressure and eyesight that yearns for arms just a bit longer than they are. ’The second old lady replies, ‘I suck a lifesaver.’After a few moments, the first old lady asks, ‘Who drives you to the beach?

Here are some tips that many choose to go by when dating: Finding people to date is not as difficult as you may think; there are a lot of places or ways to meet people.

Your friends and family are a great source for introducing you to new people.In fact, they were more satisfied now than they had been ten years ago in most ways that the research had evaluated.As I listened, I was doing the math and realized that today’s seventy-year olds were in their late twenties and early thirties when the sexual revolution was going on. I have no idea when this was written, but given the increasing longevity of seniors, I think that we could easily add another decade of “success is having money” at age 60 and in doing so, find that at 70 “success is having sex.” I know that many of my clients would agree and in about 15 years, I hope to agree as well.Internationally Acclaimed Life Strategist Tanja Diamond says, "It's very important to set priorities first, and boundaries as a close second." Don't worry about how others date, but focus on what you feel comfortable with.If your rule has always been that you don't kiss on the first date, then don't worry about whether it's "old school." Age should, at the very least, earn you the right to set some comfortable boundaries.If you play a recreational sport, there may be someone at the park who you might find interesting. Joining a club may also increase your exposure to potential dating partners.

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