Sccm collection membership not updating

That is what our first Orchestrator Query will monitor (you can schedule how frequently the query will run) This query will return all requests that are neither approved nor rejected.

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I hope that u used Legacy network adapter to be able to boot from Hyper-v Virtual machine. did u advertise Task sequence to Unknown collection or to different collection, if to unknown collection please make sure that this machine is not member on other collection.

Yes it is a legacy network adapter No there is no need to add a driver to the boot image Win PE 3 includes the drivers.

Being presented as a Datacenter Automation tool, I guessed it would at least be able to solve this little problem I don’t have much experience with Opalis/Orchestrator, I won’t go into details on how to install or configure the server.

Just note that Orchestrator runs Actions that you define through runbooks.

This guarantees that users don’t install non-approved software.

When the user wants to request the software he is prompted with additional information, basically the reason why he needs the application.

Finally, if the request is granted or rejected, there is no obvious way for the user to know it, except of checking his requests regularly from the client.

Finally, the view is not filtered by RBAC, so you don’t have a way to filter what software each approver will be able to approve based on collection membership. While Sccm 2012 general availability should be announced at MMS 2012, in fact the whole System Center suite will get updated. I decided to install Orchestrator 2012 in order to see if it could help with this kind of problem.

Note that SC Service Manager 2012 has native connectors to Orchestrator, Scom, Sccm and the level of automation for this kind of workflows is simply amazing.

(see link: Update: I received today a Solutions Accelerators mail mentionning that there would be a tool for this named “Application Approval Workflow tool”.

The administrator or any delegate with proper priviledges can approve the software request from the user (only) directly from the console. The issues: The first thing that comes to mind is: ‘how am I going to notice that there is a software request from a user ? Indeed there is -afaik- no alerting based on new requests.

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