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Other info at Wiki states the Novarro last name was suggested by his "friends, actor and director Rex Ingram and his wife, the actress Alice Terry, began to promote him as a rival to Rudolph Valentino, and Ingram suggested he change his name to "Novarro." " This info is wrong, as is a lot of info posted at Wiki.How the spelling of Novarro came about, a Hollywood secretary misspelled 'Navarro' as 'Novarro' on some paperwork, then the 'Novarro' spelling stuck.[quote] Bacon said that because Burr wasn't a traditional leading man and that Burr worked in television rather than the movies, no one called out Burr for his sexuality. Burr had a career in film before and during his TV days. He had a long-time marriage that produced a horde of children so I always doubted he was gay though he did sort of ping playing that sexy playboy cheesecake photographer on Love That Bob.

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From that day forward, they would gossip with everyone they knew about Rock being gay. Cesar Romero, David Manners, Nils Asther, Rock Hudson, George Nader, Ross Alexander, Ramon Novarro, George Chakiris, Tab Hunter, Steven Boyd, Montgomery Clift, Edmund Lowe, Anthony Perkins, Charles Laughton George Tobias: Seems no one has a mean thing to say about the man and that includes opening his home to US servicemen.

Apparently common opinion was the man acted not so much out of vice but that he couldn't do enough for his country.

Babs lived with her female secretary for the last 25 years of her life Some obvious character actors: Franklin Pangborn, Edward Everett Horton, Eric Blore Some not-so-obvious character actors: Andy Devine, Edgar Buchanan, George Tobias, Richard Deacon If we can expand this out to include international film stars one sad example would be Dirk Bogarde.

By some accounts DB never became a big name in Hollywood because of his refusal to enter a "Lavender marriage" and of course the morality clauses common in studio contracts of the day.

Keenan loves Van."The following year, Keenan and Evie divorced, and the very next day, she married Van.

After divorcing Babs, he married a foreign actress and had a family.R60 yeah I've heard that too - on places other then here lol.I think the last time I ever saw him on anything was on Politically Incorrect. Would love to hear more stories about him - other then the vintage DL threads on his ass!I've also heard that Walter Pidgeon was gay but I don't think there are any reliable sources about that claim.For most people who were around in the 1950s, the most surprising of all the leading men who turned out to be gay was Rock Hudson.(Dave claims to be of Spanish not Mexican descent on his dad's side, which would suggest Ramon met Mr.

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