Relationship ocd and dating

Of course you can only say this if it’s true, and if you are not actively fighting your OCD, I think you need to be honest about that as well. I do think concrete examples can be helpful in understanding OCD.

For example, you might say something like, “Remember I really didn’t want to go to that restaurant you suggested?

It’s one of my weakest points and one that I still have a long way to go before I’m close to having it under control.

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Going through both of these and not telling any of my significant others what was going on was quite detrimental to each relationship.

One of the worst “side effects” of suffering from ROCD and not telling the person I was dating, was the feeling of lying to them.

At first, I start noticing every flaw of the person I’m dating, everything I perceive that is wrong with them.

After a while that would inevitably lead me to question the relationship, or if I was truly in love at all.

Not being open and honest brings about it’s own set of problems and anxiety, which of course worsen pretty much any situation.

I’d love to say that I’ve worked past my ROCD, but that wouldn’t be true.Hopefully your significant other will want to learn more about OCD and how they can best support you.Which brings us to another important reason for being honest with your partner.Excellent question, and a big one for those with OCD who struggle with accepting uncertainty.The answer, of course, is you won’t know until you tell them.Both forms of ROCD can manifest simultaneously or independently of each other.

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