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The uvula is part of the soft palate, which is the valve that lifts to close off the nose when we speak or swallow.

It has no function, except that in some languages such as German it’s used to make a guttural sound in the back of the throat.

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A long uvula can also touch the epiglottis, the valve which stops food or drink going into the lungs when we swallow.

Often, as in Mr Stares’s case, the brain interprets it as mucus even though there’s none there.

All too often, this overlong uvula is never diagnosed — instead, patients may be offered, for instance, surgery on the sinuses in an attempt to improve drainage and flow so the mucus drains into the nose and not the throat.

But when the feeling of catarrh is actually caused by this overlong uvula, treating the sinuses won’t help.

Patients with this problem have to wait a long time before being properly diagnosed.

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