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On June 3, Mike He posted the joyous event on facebook and said that in spite of the rainstorm, he and his wife have registered their wedding and that it was a good day that no rain or wind can dampen.

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The actor and singer, Rainie Yang is among them who has created her own fame in the world of entertainment purely based on her talent.

Very hardworking, humble and pretty, Rainie has succeeded to reside in millions of hearts with her beautiful voice and jaw-dropping performances.

Li, who turns 32 in July, is no johnny-come-lately.

He had produced and written songs for others for many years before he released Model, his first album in 2013.

In an ideal world, all concerts should be like Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao's debut show in Singapore: an intimate night of pure aural pleasure.

No fancy costumes, dancers, special guests or pyrotechnics.

He got the crowd bopping by his third song - Li Bai, a snappy number named after the Tang Dynasty poet.

A deft guitarist, Li picked up the guitar as a boy from Bengbu, in China's central Anhui province.

Her name is Mei Bao (mei means beautiful and also stands for USA, bao means precious).

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