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The combination of these two values is a numerical representation of a laboratory measure performed on the original organic material.The main task of the calibration process is to convert this measure into a set of calendar dates by means of a calibration curve.Users can choose whether they want results as a plot, a short textual summary or both (the plot includes the summary).

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This does not mean that recalibration is bad, indeed it is necessary, but it should make one more soberly assess any reported dates as being tentative.

The problem is that most people reporting on these issues fail to report the initial number along with the calibrated date. The Jericho controversy is soundly rooted in C-14 calibration.

There's also Bacon and clam which are already integrated into R, but perhaps could be packaged more conveniently.

I'd guess that an R package would be a wrapper around the command line utility, where to start with that is well beyond me!

Examples: For all of these, and more, reasons, calibration is needed in C-14 dating.

Thus, reports generally specify the ‘raw’ numbers and the ‘fudged’ numbers.

Both databases are useful to experiment with many dates and apart from their specific research aims and spatio-temporal coordinates, they are incredibly useful as a learning resource.

Other databases are usually released under restrictive license terms or unavailable to the public.

There are two reasons uncalibrated dates must be mentioned: 1) this prevents people from making up any number they please, and 2) it is for the sake of posterity, where future scientists can check the results and apply new ideas of calibration. Radiocarbon dates are affected by many outside factors.

The accuracy of the machines is not in question (especially modern ones, which are astoundingly accurate when properly zeroed in). But, any source of old carbon in the ancient environment can affect the amount of C-14 in a sample.

Do you think I should email clam and/or bacon folks?

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