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It is just one of those “no offense, just my preference” — they say that! If you don’t want blacks to move into your neighborhood or apartment building, again, you are more than welcome to keep those thoughts to yourself because (a) it’s illegal to discriminate in housing and (b) everyone would hate you. Better buzz in that black guy in the hoodie just as fast as you do the white dude in the suit, or you’ll have the city’s newspapers, Al Sharpton and a couple of government agencies way up your ass. If you don’t see people of different races as sexual equals, if you think they’re ugly — no offense, just my preference — if the thought of rolling around naked licking the skin of a generic member of Race A is more distasteful than doing the same exact thing with a generic member of Race B, then yeah, you’re racist like Bull Connor and Donald Sterling and David Duke.

Nor in what the law defines as “public accommodation.” Run a bar or restaurant? What’s that you say — that just because you’re not attracted to members of a race, doesn’t make you racist? in interracial marriage rates in the United States in recent years, there is a higher rate of marriages between whites and Asians than between whites and blacks, which reflects the fact that Asians have been more successfully integrated into “mainstream” white-dominant culture than blacks. Asian-Americans are less likely than blacks to get shot by cops, to be turned down for a job because of their race, to get a long prison sentence for a crime, or to be poor.

The presumed malice of Johnson or almost any black man is a foregone conclusion in this country.

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Jackd features more men of color than Grindr and therefore more dating prospects for a man like me.

My experience isn’t unique but rather part of a larger trend.

Furthermore, this case shows us that racism among LGBT people, particularly when using gay dating apps, is not just a matter of preference but has real implications in a country where black folks are still chanting #Black Lives Matter.

That racism exists among users of gay dating apps is undeniable.

Studies from dating sites like Ok Cupid reveal that white men are the least likely to respond to messages from other races, despite being the most likely to get a response from members outside their own race.

This is just one aspect of the racism black gay men experience on these sites.

Early on, my perusal of apps like Grindr returned messages like "not into Blacks or Asians," promptly reminding me that this app would be another forum for racist hostility.

Because of that, along with the fact that Grindr was predominantly populated by white men, I decided to turn to other apps, like Jackd.

So in a world where perceptions can affect whether a black man will end up in prison, we should be skeptical of claims that white gay America's perception of people of color on hookup apps is really just a matter of "preference." Obviously, those who claim such a "preference" on a gay app cannot be equated with violent, willful racists, nor with a discriminatory justice system.

But racism is a system that magnifies and intensifies the petty prejudices held within the hearts and minds of many Americans.

Personals to Match, digital romance sites and apps do something that’s become socially unacceptable everywhere else, except for maybe a Klavern meeting: Discriminate against other people because of their race. Craigslisters can flag posts to be removed but, judging from the fact that many of these posts are weeks old, few do. Public opinion, not to mention a raft of Very Serious Federal Laws, require the boss who just doesn’t like blacks, no offense, just his preference, to not only shut the fuck up, but not give the slightest hint of prejudice.

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