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Reports offered are generally less robust than those found in software programs, as well.The main upside for online portfolio trackers is that they are typically less expensive and, for the most part, easier to learn and use.If you have more than 25 separate portfolios, you may want to consider consolidating.

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Furthermore, if you are paying for a premium portfolio tracker, the membership often comes with all the premium products offered at the website, such as advanced screening tools and robust fundamental data.

When you are deciding on a portfolio manager, there are certain crucial features to look for.

Although online portfolio trackers are constantly adding new features and functionality, they still pale in comparison to software-based portfolio trackers.

The majority of online portfolio trackers can only handle cash, stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds ETFs; they are limited in their customization; and they offer fewer portfolio analysis features.

allows you to manually enter bond holdings and Smart offers tracking of options.

However, investors with significant holdings in bonds, options, futures or real estate may need to look elsewhere.Online services mainly track cash, stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.Data on these types of investment holdings are readily available on most investment websites.This Comparison article examines the top online portfolio tracking websites for individual investors.The focus here is on everyday investors and not on power traders or institutional investors, so top sites in this category should have a good balance of power and functionality, along with a reasonable price tag.Once again, this should not be an issue for the most part.

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