Project reality servers not updating

Clearing the cache is recommended whenever you change your graphics card, drivers, or ingame graphics quality settings, or if you are experiencing graphics issues ingame. LAUNCHER_SUPPORT_UTILITIES_CLEARFAVORITESDESC While ingame, you can choose to add servers to your favorites list.

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Like server favorites, having lots of servers can heavily increase the time it takes to launch the game.

Clearing the server history list will help to improve game launch time. LAUNCHER_SUPPORT_UTILITIES_CLEARLOGOCACHEDESC Each server has their own logo image representing their server.

Later in the round, RPX found their own opportunity to attempt an assault on VOG's flag however it too was repelled by the defenders, resetting both teams to their never-ending skirmish. PR: BF2 v1.5.2.0 Changelog (2018/February/5) ----------------------- GENERAL: First of all, a big thank you to our PR Community for sticking with us during this long development cycle. Next to that we also introduce several other new assets and features. A new release is around the corner and it's a big one as v1.5 will finally see the release of the Polish Forces!

In the end, VOG's mortar support proved invaluable to their efforts, managing to wreak havoc amongst RPX's ranks, ultimately giving VOG the edge to win with 8 tickets remaining.... Want to help us test unreleased content and features and get a change to influence PR's development? These bring new weapons, vehicles and maps that have been in development for years.

For the remainder of the battle, the fighting focused on these flags.

However, VOG paid a price for their aggression: Losing entire squads and more vehicle assets to the entrenched RPX units, the ticket balance shifted to a surprisingly high 137 - 0 in...

Please select your existing Battlefield 2 profile to import and press "Import", or press "Back" to create or retrieve an account. LAUNCHER_INITIALSETUP_FINISHED_DESCSINGLE Your Project Reality: BF2 profile has been successfully created. Before you do however, please take some time to read the following short message from the Project Reality Team, then press "Finish" to continue. LAUNCHER_INITIALSETUP_FINISHED_DESCMULTI Your Project Reality: BF2 profiles have been successfully created. Before you do however, please take some time to read the following short message from the Project Reality Team, then press "Finish" to continue. LAUNCHER_INITIALSETUP_FINISHED_TEXT1 If you have any issues with being able to play, such as game crashes, possible bugs, or some other technical issue, please check out the "Support" section in the Project Reality: BF2 Launcher. LAUNCHER_INITIALSETUP_FINISHED_TEXT2 If you're not quite sure what to do when you first start playing, if you're wondering what the shovel does, or if you have any other gameplay related questions, you should take a look at the Project Reality: BF2 Manual, which can also be found on the launcher. LAUNCHER_INITIALSETUP_FINISHED_TEXT3 If you didn't find the answer you were looking for, or you just want to share your thoughts on the game, please don't hesitate to contact us through our social media pages or via our forums.

The links to these pages can be found at the top left of the launcher. LAUNCHER_MANAGEPROFILES_DESCDEBUG To create a new profile, please select "Create Profile".

To delete an existing profile, select the profile and press "Delete Profile".

Use "Convert Profile" to convert between a Normal and a Debug profile.

When converting a profile, the controls will be reset to default.

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