Pre clovis points dating

They were dug up from soil sediments deeper than the Clovis tools which date humans in North America back to between 12,000 and 13,000 years ago.

Critics argue whether or not the stone tools were actually pre-Clovis and whether or not the stone pieces had actually been hammered by humans or split apart by nature.

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“If the dating is solid and the artifacts identified as being anthropogenic (man-made) without any doubt, this is a splendid addition to our knowledge of the early human occupation of North America,” Phil Manning, a paleontologist with the College of Charleston, told in Charleston, adding, “I have no doubt that this will be a hotly debated topic for some time, as paradigm shifts often take a while to gain acceptance, but the evidence appears to be solid.” It all started with a chert chopper (also known as the Topper Chopper) – a piece of rock with the face of a blade hammered out of it, that was discovered in the early 1990s by Al Goodyear, who has since retired from the S. Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of South Carolina.

The pieces were relatively small, as were the blades cut into them, suggesting they may have been used to carve ornaments from ivory, bone, and antler.

This article illustrates and describes several examples of Paleo-Indian artifacts that were excavated from area B on the Cactus Hill site.

The Cactus Hill site is located in Sussex County in eastern Virginia.

Recent analysis of Goodyear’s artifacts has ascertained they could not have occurred naturally.

The dispute is still ongoing in certain quarters, and now the team has gone even deeper and found even earlier evidence of humans.

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