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As Yahoo shopping removed its basic monthly fees recently, it is believed it will become a great contender to Amazon and Rakuten for users in 2014.

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The Chinese Zodiac is part of an elaborate and laborious system based on Chinese astrology, cosmology, and divination.

Its 60-year (sexagenary) cycle is still of crucial importance to modern art historians, for it helps them pinpoint the date of artwork made in earlier times.

Although the Chinese Zodiac is based on a 60-year cycle, most folks only know about the 12-year cycle associated with 12 Zodiac animals.

The Chinese Zodiac differs in many crucial respects from the Western Zodiac, and the two should not be confused.

Those numbers are based on the data from April to October in 2013. Japan app placed Number 10 and increased their number of unique users by 45% just within the past 6 months.

LINE won as the most popular smartphone application. Although there are many Japanese websites running in Japan, the majority of Japanese internet users tend to prefer overseas websites such as Google, Facebook, and You Tube.

I'm a TD & H gentleman who is looking for a companion for conversations, sightseeing, and evenings out.

It would be a great honor to exchange messages with somebody japanese since I wish to find friends and learn about their fasci..

While the search engine giant, Google is the most popular search engine in Japan, Yahoo!

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