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How To Play Hard To Get While Dating How To Play Hard To Get While Dating When you are in a romantic relationship, the point you should have to keep worrying about is whether your wife or husband is in search of.If you have any suspicions that your lady or husband is fooling around, may must realize that you require to learn the truth. How To Play Hard To Get While Dating I purchased a box has been 11.8 ounces (334 grams) for its normal price of .35 at Martins.

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In fact, the date was actually a confederate of the experimenters.

Half of the time, when the men called, the person on the other end would play hard to get – suggesting that she was very busy/had other dates, before finally accepting.

Separately, we could also ask how difficult it is for women (or men) in general to get me. Hatfield and her colleagues proposed that people would be most attracted to targets who are selectively hard to get.

In other words, you would be most attracted to me if I am easy to get for you personally, but hard to get for all other women (or men).

This time, the men were shown profiles of five women who had been matched with the men by the computer (in actual fact, the profiles were all bogus).

The experimenters explained that some women had attended a session in which they completed ‘data selection forms’, one for each of the five men they had been matched with.

For each of the forms, the participant saw that one of the forms included ratings of himself, whereas the other forms included ratings of other (fictitious) men.

Of the profiles they saw, one woman was always hard to get, rating all five of her matches rather poorly.

Another was always 'easy to get', rating all her matches as highly desirable.

A third woman was selectively hard to get, rating the four other men as undesirable but the participant himself as very appealing.

The other half of the time, she would eagerly accept the invitation.

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