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In contrast plant-based milk sales in Europe rose almost 20% in the last 12 months.

At the same time Mintel research states in the USA Dairy hasnt lost the battle to plant based alternatives.

We have to accept the vegan groups are no longer a flash in the pan, and are gaining popularity mainly through social media.

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Susie Stanndard, AHDBs Senior Customer Insight Analyst, also emailed me with several key facts on dairy alternatives and the impact they may have, several of which are worthy of a mention alongside further research by me.

Whilst dairy alternatives are witnessing impressive double digit annual growth rates, they are from a very tiny base.

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Now, though, in every restaurant you go to there are now numerous vegan dishes on offer.

I dont mind those who feel the need to be ethical vegans, believing there are environmental and animal protection benefits from going vegan, but I do object to the emotive lies, falsehoods and propaganda of the zealots.

Some organisations are also well-funded, and there are also more and more dedicated on-line magazines and websites catering to the cause.

In the past many vegans were viewed as being a bit, well, unconventional at best, odd at worst.

They also have 144,000 followers on Instagram for their attention grabbing vegan recipes. Another said Thats a brilliant article I immediately sent to my sister in London.

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