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She attended many different schools throughout her childhood and adolescent years and managed to finish high school at Lassiter High School six months before graduation.

She majored in education at Georgia State University, Lita and Rios made their WWF debut on the February 13, 2000 episode of Sunday Night Heat, where Rios was booked to win the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship from Gillberg (it was only by watching the episode that the two learned their new ring names, decided post-production).

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I was stereotyping the poor girl and I shouldn't have been doing that."Hey John," Randy said."What?

"Come on, let's get to class."The four of us headed to first period. All the varsity football players had it.(Trish's POV)I got into first period, just as the bell rang telling student to get to class. I sat down next to Stephanie Mc Mahon."Hey Trish," She said."Hi," I said."How are you? She began class, by saying good morning to us in Spanish.(John's POV)The day was long annoying. I was always so excited for the footballs games during football season. I love chicken nuggets and tater tots.""Me too," A voice behind me said.

It was Friday as well, which meant one thing: the weekend. I could spend the time relaxing and doing nothing, plus hanging out with my best friend and her boyfriend. It was the story of my life as a senior in high school. The captain of the cheerleading squad, Stacy Keibler, was on. She was nice to me, unlike so many of the popular bitches at my school. I was a senior at Stamford High School in Stamford, Connecticut.

She was telling everyone about the football game that evening."Come out and support the team," She said. I was very happy it was my senior year, because I was happy to get the hell out of high school.

"Stephanie invited all three of us to hang out with her, Paul and some others after the game tonight.""Oh, that's funny," Phil said.

"She'll have a ball.""Shut up, Phillip."We all laughed.

"Stephanie invited us and I told her it would be great.""Yeah, sure," Amy said. I don't mind hanging out with them tonight.""Awesome.""Trish gets to hang out with Cena tonight too," Phil said.

I freaked I'd ask you to come too, Trish.""Well, it works out perfectly," I said.

What happens when they both find out the other is crushing on the other as well?

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