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I guess I was interested in what happens when people try to manipulate each other, that you destroy the thing you love by trying to change it.

Also, Paul’s really funny, and it’s not that Calvin’s funny, but I see Paul’s humor up there on screen in the playing of Calvin. I know Paul never, never tries to make his characters the same as who he is.

The beauty of the wish fulfillment and the power to let your imagination manifest this perfect girl is wonderful and very romantic.

I think she found who Ruby was when going to act the part and I saw the separation occur. I’m sure there are parts of her, but when I watch the film, I see the character which is really nice.

I don’t see either of us and I don’t see us on the screen.

I didn’t even really think about playing it until we were almost two weeks out and then we started talking more about it. Can each of you talk about what you have coming up next? I think I walked away being like “only if I really need to again.” I was very, very drained by that.

I think the only thing that was conscious in some way… Paul makes me laugh all the time and he’s so adept physically, and those are things that I don’t think people really know about him because he’s played all these very internal, darker characters. I had in my mind this thought of how much fun it would be to see Paul do something that brings out these other colors. You’re like the author that as soon as you finish the one book, you’re waiting for the next one to come out the following year.

We look back five years ago and we cannot believe what we were wearing or who we were dating or what we were doing. I remember really having no clue how that scene was going to go. I did not know because it’s such a hard thing to imagine, especially doing the Zoe/Ruby who Calvin cares about so much, so the scene was really complex. I think for Zoe, and all of us collectively, we didn’t figure that scene out until the day we were going to do it.

We look back at journal entries and we think “Oh God, if only I could tell that person this or that.” Even from day to day, you wake up feeling sad. That’s how Ruby is justifying it to herself and I think there’s a way that you can see metaphorically what’s happening there. Meaning she had written the scene, but not all of the actions, and everybody brought an action to the table.

” As soon as he said it, I thought oh, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

But then, I really put that out of my head completely while I was writing because I was so much more excited about what was happening inside my brain than trying to orchestrate some fantastic scene for us to play. If the right situation came along, I really would want to, but I find stage work very, very difficult and time consuming and all-absorbing. The last thing I did was and I feel like it burned me out, that seven hours and playing Harper.

How careful was the process to create that balance between all these different types of women that Ruby becomes in one film?

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