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But, eventually, it came to a point when I had no choice but to give in. The two also starred in “Maging Sino Ka Man” (1991) and “’Di Na Natuto” (1993). “She was supposed to do a film with Gabby (Concepcion, Sharon’s ex-husband)…” Sharon interjected: “Excuse me, we’ve scrapped that project!

That day, I only did half of my face first, hoping that Direk Cathy would agree to photograph just the shaved half,” Robin quipped. I’m sure 90 percent of the people will agree that you look younger and more handsome without the mustache.” Sixteen years since their last movie together, Robin claimed he would still get awestruck being around Sharon. This is a totally different one.” Robin then pointed out that he was doing two projects under his film outfit, RCP Productions (“Bad Boy 3” and “Marcelo del Pilar”), when he got a call from Star Cinema head, Malou Santos. ’ So, I dropped everything to be with Ma’am,” the actor added.

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But no matter how long they’ve known each other, Robin said that he would always consider himself a fan of Sharon. ‘Di ho ako naka-alis sa fan mentality.(For me, nothing has changed, I'm still a fan of hers. Nakakalimutan na nila yung pag-ibig, kaya dito, di ko na ikukuwento, pero wala s’yang pinagarap na babae kundi si Patty. Kaya nung nakita n’ya ‘yung babaeng hinahanap n’ya, ayaw n’ya nang pakawalan(I've gotten the role I wanted, OFW. this is nice movie for OFWs because OFWs think of their families.

Sa’kin, walang pagbabago, ‘yun pong ako’y tagahanga pa rin n’ya. They tend to forget love, that's why in this movie, I won't divulge much, but he never had any other girl in mind except for Patty. That's why when he saw the woman he's been looking for, he didn't want to let her go.), Joshua and Julia said they were grateful to be part of another Star Cinema project.

Direk Cathy and the staff patiently tried to convince me to do it,” Robin told reporters during a recent press conference for the movie.

“I’ve managed to persuade the writers to put this in the script. You can imagine how nervous I was when it was time to finally do our kissing scene,” Robin shared with reporters. “But sadly, I wasn’t the first choice for this film,” added Robin, feigning sadness.

We couldn’t pass up this opportunity, because we were excited about what we would learn from them.” Joshua said Robin, who plays his uncle in the movie, has inspired him not only to become a better actor, but also a good person.

marks the return of Sharon Cuenta and Robin Padilla to the big screen after 16 years.

Sharon Gamboa Cuneta-Pangilinan, better known as Sharon Cuneta, is a multi-awarded Filipino singer, actress and TV host dubbed The Megastar of Philippine Entertainment, and fondly called "Mega" or "Shawie" by fans and people from the entertainment industry.

Cuneta holds the record of having the most number of Box Office Queen of RP Movies titles (9 titles from 1984-1996).

The iconic movie stars starred in the box office hits Meanwhile, Josh Lia announced that they will also have their own television show, but details of the show have yet to be disclosed next month.

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