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As for teaming up with Taylor Swift-cohort Antonoff, “I thought we might have fun together,” she says, “and I was right.” Below, the singer dishes on propping up lemonade stands with her kiddos, returning to the studio — and why she’s not “speed-dating” for more fans. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This is your seventh studio album.

Although Alecia Moore gets hot under the collar rather easily (as mentioned above), she also has a certain degree of emotional self-control and composure, which enable P! Subconsciously she may feel that too much closeness in her relationships will interfere with doing what she needs to do and being her own person, so P!

nk to rein in some of her more aggressive tendencies. nk puts up subtle walls and distance herself when someone begins to want more of her than she can comfortably give. Overcoming her fears of intimacy, while at the same time affirming and acting on her autonomous needs, is the challenge here.

The beauty and harmony of her surroundings have a very powerful effect on Alecia Moore's emotions.

She is very sensitive and cannot stand to be in an atmosphere where there is discord or dissonance. nk is prepared to sacrifice a great deal in order to avoid a fight and to "make everyone happy".

She may have a sudden desire to liberate herself from the stress and may release her tension towards women. She is quietly devoted and faithful to her loved ones and often becomes subservient to her love partner. nk is more comfortable showing her love by doing or making something for her loved one, or simply being there for her, rather than by making any romantic, soul-stirring declarations.

She is timid about expressing too much sentiment or emotion. nk also underestimates her attractiveness and lovability and doubts her own worthiness of love and appreciation. nk has a great rapport with the opposite sex, and love relationships, romance, and passion are absolutely vital to her well-being.

You worked with Jack Antonoff on the anthemic title track. This many tours in, with millions of albums sold, what’s motivating this new era of your career?

nk has frequent emotional outbursts due to her fiery temper and emotional impulsiveness.

She is temperamental and impatient and can be very difficult to live with. nk tends to respond with a temper tantrum (overt or subtle) if her desires are frustrated. nk becomes very irritable and bad-tempered if she lacks vigorous physical activity or other outlets for her aggressive, feisty spirit. nk which loves comfort and the easy life, and unless other factors in her chart indicate strong drive and ambition, Alecia Moore can be lazy and overly permissive with herself.

She enjoys being taken care of and pampered, and self-indulgence is always a temptation for Alecia Moore.

Establishing a steady routine and rhythm in her life and relationships would be very beneficial but may not be easily achieved. nk can create a unique lifestyle that affords her a lot of personal space, freedom, and flexibility to follow her own somewhat erratic rhythms - while at the same time providing some order and consistency.

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