Outlook gal not updating exchange 2016

A DIY approach also leaves the solution in the hands of IT, because custom scripts are usually unsuitable for handing over to non-IT people to operate.

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The signup process for Cira Sync is as simple as authenticating with your Office 365 credentials.

The same signup process is used whether you are a single user (what they refer to as Personal Edition), or planning to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition to manage contacts for your entire organization.

This is where when the full global admin access to your Office 365 tenant is required, and broader permissions are granted for Cira Sync to your tenant.

After you've completed the authorization you'll arrive at the Cira Sync dashboard.

For Cira Sync you’ll need to assign a license to the global admin account so that it has a mailbox while you do the initial set up.

You can remove the Office 365 license afterwards for most synchronization tasks, however if you are using a public folder as the source for a contact list then the service account will still need a license (Cira Sync recommends a Kiosk license as an inexpensive option for this scenario).

The problem with those solutions are that you need to develop it in the first place, then maintain it over time.

Although it seems to be an easy task at first, the list of requirements for such a script starts to grow once you start writing the code, and you need to think about: Writing a bug-free script is far more effort than most IT admins assume it will be.

To demonstrate the functionality of Cira Sync, I used a team of users in my test lab, along with a shared mailbox.

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