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About 40 years before Christ was manifested in the flesh, emperor Julius Caesar directed there to be an accurate calendar created.Based on knowledge of astronomy and math at the time, that calendar (as does the ancient Egyptian calendar which the Copts used) assumed the year was 365.25 days long (365 days for three years, with a leap year having 366).

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And don’t be fooled by those who claim we will no longer be united with other Orthodox churches.

Today, so many of our feasts now actually DIFFER from the Orthodox celebration of the same feast by, you guessed it, 13 days (for those Orthodox who follow the New Revised Julian Calendar)!

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I don’t know about you, but after December 25th comes and goes, the remaining time between then and Orthodox Christmas January 7th doesn’t feel as much like the Christmas season, because most of the world has stopped celebrating it as such.There was a time when we Egyptians were known for our astronomical prowess.Many credit the Egyptians for being the first, or one of the first civilizations to create and utilize a calendar.The Copts are no exception, and today the difference has grown to 13 days.If you check the difference between December 25th and January 7th, you’ll notice that is exactly the number of days apart they are.The Egyptian people’s skill in figuring out the calendar was so well known that we were relied on by all of Christianity for it!

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