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We are coming into the last weekend of the most critical presidential election at least since 1930 and it is now being fought out almost entirely in the field of misinformation.

The Russians clearly are trying to monkeywrench the proceedings.

Enter the Trump campaign, which has roughly the same The young Macedonians who run these sites say they don't care about Donald Trump.

They are responding to straightforward economic incentives: As Facebook regularly reveals in earnings reports, a US Facebook user is worth about four times a user outside the US.

There are reports that the CIA and the FBI, two of our most durable domestic manufacturers of deceptive bullshit, are fighting with each other, and the FBI is clearly at war with itself, and both of these conflicts are playing themselves out publicly in the campaign.

The Republican candidate has surrounded himself with an inner cadre of paid liars and career ratfckers more virulent than anything we've seen since the brawling presidential campaigns of the early 19 Century. He'd have made a fortune running his own phony news operation today, brewing up his poisons in that great cauldron of impressions that Kellyanne Conway has dedicated her entire political life to stirring.) It might be the height of futility to mention this now but, for those of us in this racket, there never has been a more important weekend to be good at what we do.

But the story is illustrative of a larger problem with the way we cover politics in this country, a problem that, one hopes, has reached its apex with this godforsaken election.

There no longer is any line between information and disinformation, between empirical fact and magical thinking, between truth and Colbertian "truthiness." All are now considered equally valid because the political system, and the creatures within it, are incapable or unwilling to differentiate between them.

We are talking about the mass production of misinformation for profit, and it seems to be another field in which the rest of the world has caught up and passed America, which pretty much invented all the modern techniques of that craft."I started the site for a easy way to make money," said a 17-year-old who runs a site with four other people.

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