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Rod Serling writes “The Time Element” as a pilot for his proposed sci-fi series, “The Twilight Zone.” CBS wanted a half-hour format for the series, and rejected the pilot as too long.

Desilu purchased the show and ran it on their “Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse” on November 24, 1958.

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But we survived because their love was greater than the threat.

Terry Butler is an American bassist who currently performs with the death metal bands Obituary and Massacre. He was credited on the Death album Spiritual Healing, and band leader Chuck Schuldiner stated that on the latter Death album "Terry contributed to the songwriting as well".

It's unexpected popularity encouraged the network to proceed with “The Twilight Zone.”Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev visits the Vatican in Rome and meets with Pope John Paul II.

He is the first Soviet leader to ever meet with a pope, and signals the end of the Soviet government's official commitment to atheism.

He is married with three children, and is brother-in-law of former bandmate Greg Gall.

Before he joined Six Feet Under, he was in Massacre with Rick Rozz, whom he played with in Leprosy-era Death.

Columnist Herb Caen coins a new name for members of the beat generation - beatnik.

Said Caen, I coined the word 'beatnik' simply because Russia's Sputnik was aloft at the time and the word popped out.

Note that not all of the people featured in the magazine are pictured in the nude.

Entries in Cast/crew of Hill Street Blues: Bruce Weitz, Veronica Hamel, Daniel J.

Three nuns lead thirty children in night clothes to safety from the burning Our Lady of Grace orphanage in Hoboken, New Jersey, at a.m. The fire was attributed to “defects in the boiler room.” The funeral is held for two young boys, Jaroslaw Melnyk and Roman Klowatyj, who drowned on Thanksgiving day at Humboldt Park in Chicago, not far from OLA.

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