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On this day in 1963, the ABC television network airs the premiere episode of General Hospital, the daytime drama that will become the network’s most enduring soap opera and the longest-running serial program produced in Hollywood.

On the same day, rival network NBC debuts its own medical-themed soap opera, The...

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Later that year, Schieffelin was not only alive and well, but he had found one of the richest silver veins...

On this day in 1970, President Richard Nixon signs legislation officially banning cigarette ads on television and radio.

Over 23,000 college basketball fans gathered at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, for...

On April 1, 1918, the British Royal Air Force (RAF) is formed as an amalgamation of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS).

Jessica Wright is moving to greener pastures - or hallways of chaos, either way you look at it.

Jess is going to the Grade School to work as a Para.

I kept waiting for a cart to roll by my house with a driver wrapped up in linens and a mask shouting, "Bring out your dead! For the record, I know she loves me and takes the entire "in sickness and in health" to heart, but Im a better caretaker than she is. I cook, attempt at cleaning (no where near her standards), bring her drinks, soup, medicine, take her temperature, place ice packs on her head, etc.

When Im sick shes like, "Im going to Wichita today shopping with my cousin and let you rest! Shed had about enough of me and my coughing and moaning and she did go shopping and have a girls day so I could "rest" as she put it. Its a dance that nobody likes to dance to, or likes the song. It might be a terrible analogy, but thats what happens in our court systems.

The RAF took its place beside the British navy and army as a separate military service with its own ministry. In Germany, Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler is sentenced to five years in prison for leading the Nazis’ unsuccessful “Beer Hall Putsch” in the German state of Bavaria.

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