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Check out all of my reviews on Google by clicking here.Being average with women means lowering our standards as men. Whether you’re in Westchester, Long Island, NJ, or NYC, you can meet the woman of your dreams.

Instead of feeling frustrated in 2017, dating can be an adventure.

Dating events, speed dating, meeting through friends, the internet, and worst of all, hitting on coworkers, are some of the usual routes guys take when trying to find a relationship. You’re obviously here because you’re a man who wants options.

You can create a new romance by taking things into your own hands, and meeting women naturally.

Dating in NYC is hard for guys without the right social tools and confidence.

After all, she’s a complete stranger, and it might be “awkward”. Women love it when a well put together man has the courage to approach them the right way.

Being honest, direct, and knowing how to use your voice, body language and a smile can charm almost anyone when done properly. The social skills to make it happen, and the courage to take action, are learnable skills.

Get coaching in your city so you can find the kind of relationship you deserve.

A dating or relationship coach is like a personal wingman.

Communicate confidence with your body to create attraction.

How to ask her home – Learn how to ask her home without coming across as “creepy” or “pushy”.

Instead of fumbling through life, coaching will provide clarity and support so you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

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