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As always, an incredible ratio that offers unparalleled opportunity!

Just listen to what the men had to say in this video.

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We had 3 different tours visiting 7 different Ukraine cities beginning in July.

Like before, we cover all of the exciting details of these tours and you will hear from - and see - clients that were there! (1 hr 10 min) Another great Social experience in south Ukraine is found in Kherson.

You will hear what he has to say about his experience and comparing group singles tour travel vs. You will also hear from others who were there or have been there.

As always, you get to enjoy lots of great highlight video throughout this show with some fantastic insight into what YOU are going to experience on YOUR upcoming singles vacation tour to the Ukraine!

This was our first Social event in Mariopul Ukraine and it was an amazing success, the women of Mariupol are stunning beauties.

Mariopul Women until now were and untapped and hidden source of model quality women that are waiting to meet you!

Kharkov women are elegant and sophisticated and are ready to meet you, why wait even a moment longer to meet that special woman.

Nikolaev Ukraine is a destination to meet unbelievably beautiful women.

Some clients could not resist attending ALL of the tours with our dual tour packages! The city itself has always been a client favorite and the women are just as friendly and stunning as the city they live in. You can also see a full recap of this entire tour in our LIVE show archive with highlights and comments from tour leader Peter King.

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