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Women rated their distress as more intense than men.

With the exception of middle-aged and oldest-old adults, women reported that they experienced distress for a longer duration than men.

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It seems likely that men and women of different ages may report different emotional reactions to such problems.

Emotional reactions include physiological experiences, behavioral responses, and subjective descriptions or ratings (Larsen & Fredrickson, 1999).

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This study examines age and gender differences in descriptions of emotional reactions and reports of the intensity and duration of those emotional responses to interpersonal tensions.

Participants' reported emotions were grouped by use of theoretically derived categories and empirically derived post hoc categories.

Three emotion categories were examined: anger, sadness, and nonspecific negative emotions.We examined self-reported descriptions of emotional experience in response to interpersonal problems.Self-report provides information regarding how people subjectively construe experiences.Now you don't need a magic wand to open this erotic dream world with fascinating nudes trying on you their magic.You'll be spellbound with immense beauty of a female body and intense eroticism of presented nude pics.As people grow older, they become increasingly concerned with the maintenance of emotionally close relationships (Carstensen & Charles, 1998; Carstensen, Isaacowitz, & Charles, 1999).

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