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The program is open only to inmates convicted of misdemeanors who receive prior approval from a judge.

Approval is contingent on passing a health screening, which includes a TB test, and a background check to ensure a non-violent past, according to ABC News.

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Speaking after the meeting Mrs May said party leaders also agreed to upgrade an existing complaints hotline to a face-to-face human resources service.

The latter will be introduced by the end of the month and the new grievance procedure should be in place in next year, Mrs May told reporters.

Mrs May said the agreement was an 'important step forward' following the talks in Parliament as a sex scandal threatens to engulf politics.

The Prime Minister was sat face to face with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and was joined by politicians from the SNP, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, DUP and the Greens.

Some eight Conservative MPs have already been caught up in the row, with Mrs May's deputy Damian Green and international trade minister Mark Garnier under investigation by the Cabinet Office.

The PM said: 'For too long the powerful have been able to abuse their power and their victims have not felt able to speak out.'Asked if she could say 'hand on heart' that she had not been aware of sleaze allegations before the scandal broke, she said: 'Obviously what has happened over the last week, a number of stories have appeared in the press.'A number of issues were raised with me that didn't appear in the press and you can see action has been taken.'A number of people have been referred to the Conservative Party's grievance procedure and arrangements have been put in place.'And a number of people have been referred to the Cabinet Secretary, where they are in ministerial positions it is appropriate for the Cabinet Secretary to look at these issues.' Mrs May conceded that 'political parties have not always got this right in the past', but added: 'I am determined to get it right for the future.'The PM has called for an independent grievance procedure covering everyone working in Parliament - who currently have to confront their MP employer or go to their political party.'We need to establish a new culture of respect at the centre of our public life,' she said.'One in which everyone can feel confident that they are working in a safe and secure environment, where complaints can be brought forward without prejudice and victims know that those complaints will be investigated properly.'And where people's careers cannot be damaged by unfounded rumours circulated anonymously online.'Of course, people can be friends with their colleagues and consensual relationships can develop at work - this isn't about prying into private lives.

Amber Rudd suggested yesterday that sex pest MPs should be kicked out of Parliament She said a review of the rules for dealing with harassment should consider removing guilty MPs from Parliament.

Labour's John Mann has said the scandal engulfing Westminster would lead to 'at least 12 by-elections'.

Even with the support of the DUP, Mrs May has a Commons majority of just 13, which would be wiped out if she lost seven seats.

One minister last night warned that the Tories were in 'no fit state to present ourselves to the electorate' and said the only consolation was 'neither are Labour'.

But Miss Rudd yesterday said that discipline should go further.

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