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Not Bradshaw.) I am so thrilled about out director Kim Peirce‘s remake and I’m sure Chloe will do the famous role justice. Nicole Richie told To be honest, I think Samantha Ronson has the cutest style and even though we have very different senses of style, I get a lot of my personal fashion inspiration from her. Here’s how you, too, can look like Jodie from the 1970s.

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They seem perplexed, until one of them answers, “They do have two lesbian friends.

But I don't know their names.” The girls also feel that their moms would most like to be married in a pool hall, but Nicole's efforts to find one aren't very rewarding.

To have somebody disavowing the reason why they’re there talking to me in the first place, their complicity in this thing that they’re denying any responsibility for, it doesn’t bother me as a gay person — it bothers me as a rational human being.

It bothers me as somebody who wants accountability and who is grossed out by people who shirk their responsibility.

And while there's plenty of “Oh my God, can you believe the tacky dresses at this wedding store?

” shtick to go around, most of the snark is directed at homophobes both near (fundamentalist neighbor who refuses to go to the wedding because “I believe in God”) and far (the table reserved for George W.Meanwhile back in the suburbs, Nicole is bonding with the daughters, trying to assemble a guest list and find a location for the wedding.She asks the girls for the names of their moms' friends.They say great minds think alike, and such was the case for Nicole Richie and Samantha Ronson on Saturday night.The House of Harlow designer took to Instagram today to post a photo of her hanging out with the DJ during an event at Los Angeles hot spot Teddy's over the weekend, and in the snap the pair is wearing matching blazers. Rookie has a fab feature on Jodie Foster‘s past as a secret style icon.

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