Nia vardalos and john corbett dating adam corolla dating

The couple picked up on the film’s blue notes by wearing similar blue outfits.

You don't have directors shaving stuff off scripts in order to make everything more homogenized. I know you worked with Tom Hanks on "Larry Crowne" and have starred in various films. It's difficult to explain to an industry that runs on dollars that it doesn't apply to the projects I choose.

Do you have any regrets about the course of your career these last 10 years? Making the movies I've made have not been missteps ... I'm now working on a new romantic movie "Leftovers" but I've been told I'd be Tasered if I revealed any information about it. I was such a confident kid and I think it's a real testament to my parents.

Actress Nia Vardalos said she can't even get a latte without someone hitting her up with an idea for a sequel to her 2002 surprise hit movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." "Over the years, I've heard from everybody about what the sequel should be.

People next to me at Starbucks would say, 'hey, let me tell you my idea' and I'd be like 'hey, I'm just trying to get a cup of coffee'," she said. Released in 2002, Vardalos's "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is the second most profitable independent film of all time, earning almost $369 million -- or a return of over 61 times on investment, according to

In Manhattan, Genevieve Gernier (Nia Vardalos) owns a flower shop and has a rule of a limit of five dates with a man to avoid a relationship.

When Greg Gatlin (John Corbett) buys a restaurant nearby her shop, they decide to date; however, after five dates, Genevieve is not happy with her rule and does not know how to meet Greg again."I Hate Valentine's Day" is a silly and boring movie where the two lead characters seem to be moron.

It's these tiny moments of connection that register with me the most and always have. It's impossible for success to go to your head with a Greek mom -- no way. what would you say has been your greatest accomplishment? I would say though that the book is the most terrifying thing I've ever done. These days I stay very much in the moment but I didn't do that for a very long time because I was on such a quest to be a mom. And there's nothing wrong with feeling that way and there's nothing wrong with saying it. So many people like to believe everyone is focused on them but it's really not true.

When I first did they movie and got a call telling me that never before had a film playing in so few theaters been seen by so many people, I hung up and told my mom "hey, I think something huge is happening with the movie." She said, "that's so nice ... The book is really about how we transitioned a preschooler into our home in a 14-hour period. We got the call and the next day we got our daughter. I was so heartened by the freedom you have in the book world. At first I thought it was the election but it was really the book.

A mob mix-up in Chicago sends two chanteuses screaming for L.

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