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The first thing ordered was a ten piece chicken nugget that had to be reordered after our order number was called because the cashier didn’t ring it up.

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My total was $3.77 I asked her to split my payment as I had money in my pocket for $2.00 cash and a Susan B Anthony silver dollar. Seeing that she wasn’t at the counter she started to walk through the door to the sitting area trying to avoid looking at me again as I asked her to hand me my food.

I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE LEADERSHIP OF BURGER KING us low life can not get a hold of the higher ups…. Reply Hello I visited your store #10458 this morning and was assisted by a manager wearing all black (button up shirt and pants). Then mixed the spit with the condiments covered her offence with the pickles and walked back to the heat lamp to pretend to pick it up to hand the burger to my fiancee.

Burger King began in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida as Insta-Burger King. In 1975, the company introduces drive-thru windows. He started screaming at us threw the drive thru window . I was the second person in line and still waited for over 10 minutes for the female employee to take my order. I was charged $.50 for cheese on the whoppers, the fries were like rubber (small)were $1.99 and I waited for my order with a small soda for 20 minutes. BOTH burgers were stone cold and one sandwich had a label from a package of tomatoes and a piece of cellophane inside it. I know this can not be the standard for customer service with BK, I am very disappointed, and still very frustrated. After receiving the picture however the manager unwittingly included us in her group text stating ” she did comment to me saying it was mostly blacks working so maybe it was a race thing but there were more white in here then black last night”.

By 1967, there were over 250 Burger King locations and the company was purchased by the Pillsbury Company. I understand that things were difficult for everyone but this takes the cake. This really made for a frustrating morning because I don’t understand how this person whose name tag was not on was able to become a manager and she does not know how to count/or recognize money. Corporate response was unconcerned and call center employees were though not rude it still was plain unhelpful. Knowing the employee right off from the mention of a gold tooth ( Their name tags were covered with black tape and we were refused names when we requested them.) asking for us to text the picture to her and even seemingly trying to assure us the issue would be remedied by them along with the district manager.

Just thought you would want to know, Respectfully, Lynne Randall, Meals Coordinator for HFHSBC. Reply My husband and I went to the remodeled burger king in crystal lake Il we haven’t been there in 15 yrs but it said the burgers are flame broiled so we decided to give it a try – well- they were luke warm, no flame broiled taste, no tomato and lettuce, in other words they sucked as usual. this is very decieving to people driving by wanting breakfast. Write CEO of company and send photos of bait and switch. Reply I just went through the Burger King and Hebron Kentucky off of North Bend Rd.

You used to be the best in town bigger does not mean its better get back to basic. He was so rude pusging drinks and part of our food on us . if they are in there why not open at 5am would get a lot of business. you show a thick whopper on the menu and on flyers. and was ordering food when one of the workers was in the background telling me that I’m ordering too much motherf-ing food why don’t I just go ahead and order the whole goddamn place I’m just wondering why the employees at Burger King want to talk to me that way When all I’m trying to do is feed my family and then I talk to the manager William about it and he acts like it’s no big deal with a smile on his face you tell me why your restaurant and your workers and managers treat me like that because I order too much food I guess I’m spending too much money with Burger King Reply Went to store #2790 in Racine, Wi.

At this point I was thinking “No she’s just double checking the order” After making eye contact she rushed to be in an area not easily seen by anyone at the counter ( in the area by the soda fountain where the drive-thru window is located) still unwrapping my burger.

When my remade burger was slid under the heat lamp and called out as remake up one of the employees grabbed it proceeded to unwrap it while turning to walk away and we made eye contact.

The front counter person said that phone number has been out of service for years and the staff can’t get it changed despite many requests. Reply would like to know why the burger king in Oneida, NY 13421 always is totally lite up at 5am and when you go to the drive thru they tell you they do not open until 6am. I’m now waiting on another call after the video is reviewed again.

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