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prior to the construction, this was the place where the circus pitched their tents when they came to town.The ancient “Syrup of Figs” painted sign, that was long ago superimposed over an older ad, has long been a fixture here despite getting a good deal of sun.After the Giuliani administration decommissioned thousands of fire alarms because of pranking in the early 1990s, the alarms, and the streetlight-mounted lamps that marked them, many are now deteriorating and being allowed to collapse.

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The stretch of Greenpoint Avenue between Franklin Avenue and Manhattan Avenue is relatively unchanged for over 120 years.

According to Greenpoint USA, in 1887 developer James Sparrow built this row of 21 four story brick houses …

The mild laxative is still used, though it was much more popular between about 1870-1920.

Greenpointers: here’s your freakin’ Landmark District! 118 Greenpoint is a new condo conversion, a welcome occurrence in a city that has seen more than its share of teardowns.

I was drawn to Co Co 66, another restaurant on Greenpoint between West and Franklin, by its retention of an ancient neon sign.

According to New York Magazine, it was earlier a woodworking shop, but the sign looks as if it has been here awhile or Co Co 66 owners brought it from elsewhere.Yet, when I walked the route that connects all three, I found numerous aspects, nuances and structures that I had not yet noticed. Greenpoint Avenue shows up on maps of Williamsburg (the city it was part of until it became part of Brooklyn) and Queens as far back as the 1850s, and it has been called Greenpoint Avenue on both sides of Newtown Creek going back to the mid-1860s.Unlike, say, Flushing Avenue and Bayside Lane, Greenpoint Avenue does indeed traverse the neighborhood it is named for.In Brooklyn, Greenpoint Avenue has been called L Street and Lincoln Street (it is in Greenpoint’s sequence from Ash to Quay) as well as National Avenue before Brooklyn nabobs settled on Greenpoint Avenue.And, while other lengthy NYC routes such as Broadway (Manhattan-Bronx), any of Manhattan’s lengthy north-south numbered avenues, or Brooklyn’s Fulton Street or Brooklyn-Queens’ Atlantic Avenue, Greenpoint Avenue never really does change personalities along its route.It resembles NYC in a future age, after its abandonment due to nuclear fallout, rising water levels or the cancellation of whatever show Conan O’Brien is hosting.

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