Just chatcam - Naruto dating hinata

So the movement is a little odd than it originally suppose to be XD.

But yes I admit I was inspired from Zone's Sakura mini flash.

Ok, another flash I did of Hyuuga Hinata getting raped by Kyubi Naruto.

For some reason this time something slowed down this flash forcing me to use streaming synch to make her lips synch with the dialouge and I am certain it's not the firey effect from kyubi.

After hearing that Himata thought about Neji again, then she thinks about Naruto and then sees more snow falling.

As she started training again, Hinata struggled against her father in their training sessions and her timid personality prevented her from excelling.

While being at her uncle's funeral, Hinata saw Neji cry and left the building.

That night as she was outside alone by herself, she started to cry.

However he let Hinata have the scarf, and she kept his torn up scarf as a memento of their first meeting.

She developed a strong admiration towards Naruto that day onwards, and became one of the few people in the village who didn't reject or shun him.

Just like Naruto and her other classmates, Hinata also became the student of Umino Iruka.

Even after entering the Ninja Academy, Hinata would secretly spy on Naruto's training to see if he can master the Kage Bunshin no technique, despite the fact that Naruto or the other Hyuga clan members never knew that Hinata had been doing this for some time.

However he asks her why she's crying if she lives in a big house, which shock her. Naruto told her that he was alone and that he never crys.

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