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You wanna do it.” Do you want to take part in a sex games with celebrities. “Yay, I’ll call the girls, say we’ve got another contestant.

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You hold her hair away from her face, so you can watch every second “You made it, well done.

Enjoy your blue balls” She laughs “Thanks”, you say glumly. ” “Well, once a year, I and loads of other Hollywood celebrities stage a sex games. The winner gets $100,000 in money and three wishes from all of us, as a way of saying Congrats.

Listen, when this is over, do you; maybe wanna get a coffee or something”. ” “Yeah” “Come this way” “You are lead into a bedroom, you see three other guys waiting there. Theirs Dwayne, who is about 6’6 and kind of scary looking.

And then there Garrett, he’s from Canada, and looks like he is too young to be involved in this sort of thing.

“Look, your assistant didn’t tell me anything, I overheard what you said, that’s how I know, so please; don’t fire her because of me.” Novak looks at you, with a thankful look on her face, and you can see that her eyes are getting watery. “Miss Kunis, we can just pay him off, he seems like a nice guy, I’m sure he won’t say anything.” Mila Kunis looks at you intently, and begins to speak. Maybe we could enter him in the contest.” You don’t know what they’re saying, but you’ve heard the words “Fuck-a-thon” and “Enter him”, so you have a good feeling about this. “Why not, we need more guys, and he might just meet the criteria, if he passes the tests of course, come on in”. A phone goes off, “That’s me” says Mila “I’ll leave you to for a minute, and remember Novak, if you want your job back, no talking” You two are left in the room by yourselves. You win, although we really need people for the challenge, some I was easy on you. Novak get his dick out.” “What” “Come on Novak, you know the rules, you suck his dick, if he doesn’t cum in five minutes, he wins” Just then, Mila phone goes off again, so she leaves to answer it.

“Thanks for saving my job, you didn’t have to do that” You look at her, “I had to help you, it was the least I could do Miss Novak” “Thanks, and please, call me Hayley” You sit silently together, not willing to talk about anything, it’s too risky. She takes a seat and begins to talk to you “Right, so I bet you want to know what’s going on, well we will tell you if you past the tests, and then you can join the, uh, games. It’s fully optional” “Why not, sounds like fun.” “Great. Me and Miss Novak here will look in five areas, and if pass at least three, you pass. What Australian actor won an Oscar for playing the Joker in the Dark Knight? You and Hayley are sitting in the room, both avoiding eye contact with each other. You are a pizza delivery man, living in Los Angeles, the pay is good, and it helps with the rent.One warm summer’s night, you make a delivery to 207 North Palm Drive. “Thank you, I’ve been waiting for this all day, my boss is kind of demanding”.“That will be .00” please you say, as she hands over the cash, you over hear someone else talking.“Goddamit Novak, how hard can it be to find any more guys, it’s the 2012 Hollywood sex Games.“Thanks” “Wait, before I see you out, let me just do one more thing” She grabs your dick and starts stroking it, and quickly you start to cum all over her “Oops, sorry” “I forgive you” She hugs you, and put her number in your pocket.

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