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Yet neither of those precautions can guard against a virus that can’t be detected in men and can be passed even with the use of barrier contraception.

According to Christian Rudder, co-founder of Ok Cupid, users on his site exchange about 4 million messages – a day.

In his book, ‘Dataclysm: Who We Are When We Think No One’s Looking’, Rudder weighs in on whether a canned message actually works, or if women see through that BS in an instant.

Of course, we here at Vi DA have been saying that since 2010, but it’s always nice to have an irrefutable data source on our side…If you want better results in less time, copy/paste is hands-down the way to go.(Further reading: This section of ‘Dataclysm’ reprinted on NYMag.com)Sounds great, but I still need a message…No, what you really need is an icebreaker.

Accept that dating online will involve some chasing.

HPV and cervical cancer might seem like far away things that could never affect you, but they can hit all too close to home.

One Woman’s Story Starting college is a crazy but exciting time for most of us: unpacking your life into half of a pint-sized dorm room, strategically enrolling in classes that aren’t held on Fridays, and meeting hundreds (or thousands!

In a nutshell, he said the copy/paste strategy is 25% less effective in terms of response rate, when you compare the effort you put in to the results you get back.

To look at it a different way, using a template message is 75 percent as effective as creative a custom message, and a hell of a lot faster.

I signed up immediately — but I was already too late.

You’ve read her profile, Googled that author she mentioned four times, and managed to tactfully point out your similarities without sounding desperate.

My mom was nearby and picked up the phone to continue the conversation with the doctor,” Joslyn, now 27, recalls.

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