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Action, characters, drama and enjoyment was all very good.

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All in all, both seasons are very good and a bit more intense in this season. Because there's so little wasted time in the series.

It's a rare occurrence that the second season of a series is better than the first. Every episode has character development, action, and a good dose of comedy.

Animation: The show is unchanged in its drawing style from the first season.

Expect the same clean, crisp look of the original with a futuristic touch.

It also offers some more plot and character depth, helping to differentiate the series a bit from its many other sibling shows back in 2015.

If you enjoy action-centric shows with a touch of harem, then this franchise has a decent offering.

Their interactions are romantically or sexually loaded.

The female characters often draw heavily from stock archetypes.

If you liked the first season you'll like this too! More of the same as the first season, but not as interesting. The second season of Asterisk is more like the second half of Asterisk as we finally see the Phoenix Festas come to a conclusion.

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