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JUST TO STAND BY HIS STAND AGAINST FALSE ALLEGATIONS AS STATED ON HIS TWITTER PROFILE ABOVE AND CONFESS TONTHE PROVEN TRUTH THA HE MADE SERIOUS FALSE CRIMINAL ALLEGATIONS AGAINST ROBERT & CHRISTOPHER AND THAT FOR ONCE IN HIS LIFE HE BE A MAN!In 2015 Janette Scharenborg made malicious and knowingly false criminal allegations to Dorset police amongst which were that Christopher & Robert were the owners and publishers of the past four years Simon R.just of Kendal, Cumbria has made public allegations also that Esther Baker @Esther9982 & Darren Duckworth @dafta_69 were the cat blogger and tweeter @9outof10catz. Just and Janette Scharenborg’s close & good friend @Eve Thomas SAFE on the 15th December 2017 did tweet Dorset police and her friend the Dorset police & crime Commissioner – Martyn Underhill that Christopher was the 9outof10 cat tweeter and blogger and insisted they have words with Christopher!

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The men passed the email to the police to take the matter up directly with Sonia because Sonia refused to tell the men who it was.

The owner of the 9outof10cats blog also published this expose blog about Simon R.

But for what , for simply stating the truth that the police know for certain that neither he or Robert are the person she accuses Christopher of being.

This fact was proven to the Dorset police with the assistance of the journalist Sonia Poulton who sent Robert an email in 2016 with a personal messages from whoever does own the cat tweet and blogger accounts.

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