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They walk on my left as a matter of courtesy, are usually as sweet as can be, and always very respectful of the word "no".

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In my sister's family there is a powerful and strong bond of love and care.

I admire and respect the challenges they have been put through with their daughter.

The first signs of trouble were his x wife who was very jealous of my sister and him, crossing over to a white "blonde" woman. This woman stalked, terrorized and hasseled my sister for several years. Their other daughter was born fine and she is now a proud Mom of two children.

The oldest daughter was born with cerebral palsy and has been a big challenge yet a huge reward of love in their life.

Mexican men live in a kinder world where material success is a secondary priority at best.

So they are able to deal and compete with one another in a more friendly way, more like knights jousting.They had to sate their need to rescue maidens and slay dragons by turning their focus to material success and demonstrating their prowess in that way.Latin women aren't so keen on being liberated, they prefer being looked after, they will never bite a bloke's head off for opening a door for them, and they know that the man pays the bills, that's his job as long as she looks after him.Several of my friends have encouraged me to "give it a chance"....I have contemplated it..I know in my heart of hearts what I want. And from all my observations, I can honestly say, that I do believe that I am OK with it and if it comes down to do, I'd do it in a heartbeat.My girlfriend emailed me and asked "What are the men like in Mexico? Latin men love women, and they show it at every opportunity and to whatever degree you will let them. A bus driver with an empty bus altered his course so he could take me to my destination.

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