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He’d hold the back of my neck in a light vise grip as he kissed me soulfully, opening his jaw all the way to better engulf me. Of course, Marco, my latin lover, my Italian Stallion (yes, he actually called himself this), had potential.

Tall, dark, and handsome, big-hearted, charismatic, athletically gifted, and hopelessly bi-polar, Marco was the South American with the angelic voice who sang arias beneath my window. The out-of-work Guatemalan architect who lived with his brothers and exerted a peculiar power over me.

[Read: How men fall in love with a woman] But for starters, here are the special aspects about women that make men thank the one above for creating women in the first place.

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Men love dating single parents dating worldwide

Just dress like a perfect ten in well fitting clothes and appear confident.

And yes, don’t forget that dab of perfume to leave a trail of men swooning over your fragrance as you walk past them!

But there are a few kinds of women that men absolutely adore and fall in love with, wherever they go.

Find out what men like in women and be that attractive woman that all men want and desire.

His dark blue eyes looked like they had shards of diamonds in them.

We’d meet in the hallway separating his pizza joint from Hudson’s Bar and Grill where I waited tables and dodged my oversexed dwarf manager who had a thing for my legs. He’d really have been going somewhere, if it weren’t for that pesky little drinking problem of his.

I turned my back on a part of me that was struggling to get free. It was far better to “have potential” than to discover I had no talent.

Next time you’re falling for that guy with “potential,” take a hard look at what’s going on inside of you.

He was 18, a freshman at UC Berkeley, an actor, a fantastic writer. Once, he came by my basement window to take me out. When we were pulled over, James sweet-talked the officer, who wound up letting us go.

I said I couldn’t go because I had an English paper to write. Looking back, I’m struck both by how incredibly smart and manipulative James was and how seriously that officer endangered me.

Not to get too off-track, my point is, men should not have “potential.” If they’re men already, and deserving of that descriptive tag, they should already be doing, not storing up.

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