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When installing Norton, norton removed Com Cast Security Suite.

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yank our resident Comcast expert may have thoughts about over install of NS onto NSS * Why are you convinced TZ100 security protection modules are not causal..asking .... For kicks, I did add all the norton URLs to the content filter. That should get you back to NSS with everything working OK.

I'm lacking knowledge re UTM Granted, if all were running as normal prior to Norton Security over install then that might eliminate TZ100 and MBAM realtime and point back to transition from NSS to NS Is NS firewall running APC ..TZ100 is simply added inline to Comcast equipment...TZ100 is recognized as network device assigned a Trust Level ? but as I note there is no logging of any url blocks. Norton said I would find it in the Norton folder, in fact it was in the Symantec folder. Besides, why pay for something that you can get free from your ISP? Another question to ask is whether you have the mutual exclusions required when MBAM Pro and Norton are installed together.

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after a few succesful connections, Live Update will stop connecting to the Server. Restarting computer restores operation only to fail again after a few good tries. 419 PM 3/19/2015 420.2087252 .76 DNS DNS: Query Id = 0x9D25, QUERY (Standard query), Query for liveupdate.of type Host Addr on class Internet 420 PM 3/19/2015 420.2324737 .76 DNS DNS: Query Id = 0x9D25, QUERY (Standard query), Response - Success, 1.122, 1.114 ...

Hi kevinatkab, Please advise if your setup = TZ100 worked with no issues running Comcast Norton Security Suite.

R U reporting running NS 21.1 is causing connectivity issues not before seen with Norton Security Suite. R U running Comcast DNS resolver or does TZ100 include a resolver. IMHO, since it is possible to get a refund on the new product , I would remove the current NSBU, reinstall NSS per these instructions and then request the refund on your NSBU.

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