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He worked first as a news reader on the show before taking over from Bryant Gumbel as co-anchor on January 6 1997.Executive producer Jeff Zucker called Lauer 'the hunk next door'.

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For one thing, it was well known that Lauer carried a lot of power at NBC, including over decisions about who gets to work there — and who gets fired, Page Six said. Paired with Katie Couric, the two dominated network morning news for more than a decade.

In 2012, Lauer, who currently earns an estimated $29 million a year, was reported to have helped orchestrate the firing of Ann Curry, a situation that prompted a major fan backlash and scandal for NBC, Vanity Fair reported.

Variety said its story is based on the accounts of three women who said Lauer sexually harassed them and on interviews with dozens of other current and former NBC employees.

The New York Times also reported later Wednesday that NBC received at least two more complaints related to Lauer, including an allegation from a former employee who said he had summoned her to his office in 2001 and had sex with her.

He said, “When you feel your family is being threatened and hurt, you speak up.

And then you put your head down and go back about your business.” Lauer also told Page Six: “Every aspect of this story is untrue, and it’s frankly sad that someone would tell lies to harm everyone involved.” Morales, for her part, also denied the affair report, then and on Wednesday, the Daily Mail said.

It was earlier updated to include Katie Couric’s 2012 comments to Andy Cohen and to correct the Page Six report about when the alleged sexual assault reported to NBC occurred.

His public persona is one of a doting dad of three, often citing his family on air and laughing about how at home he isn't famous, he's 'just papa'.

As Page Six reported Wednesday, shortly after Lauer was fired from NBC, the longtime morning show anchor had been rumored to have engaged in affairs with subordinates at NBC for years.

Those were believed to have been consensual, Page Six said.

However, behind the morning show smile, Matt Lauer has been surrounded by allegations and rumors that suggest a ruthless desire to reach the top and secret womanizing ways.

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