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And if sin was pride, then I’m like a Major League sinner. My story, I don’t tell this much, but I come from a pretty crazy family line, all the way back in County Cork, Ireland. Then we left County Cork, Ireland, during the Great Famine and my great, great, great grandmother as far as I can tell, starved to death. I think it’s just down deep in the genes; I’m kind of a fighter by nature.

But once I learned the truth, it showed me that my whole family history and heritage was wrong.

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You live in a place like Seattle where the sun doesn’t come out for 10 months a year, [laughter] and you’re just bummed out.

Sometimes it’s hormonal or chemical, especially for women whose bodies tend to be a little more sensitive than guys to certain factors.

They get to the point where it’s so diluted I don’t even know if they can taste it.

Risen Magazine: Since you didn’t grow up in a Christian home, I’m sure there are many things you would’ve liked to have known then, that you understand now.

Once I got saved at 19, it was the truth that really wrecked me.

You know, I thought I was a good person until I realized that sin was pride. In Baltimore Harbor my relatives would go out and rob liquor ships – yes, we robbed liquor ships, that’s our claim to fame – we had castles, and we’d go to war, we were pirates and we’d steal wine.

There was no topic off limits as Risen Magazine: You’ve talked about stints of depression, especially early in your ministry and I think many struggle with the same stronghold, or an addiction of some sort, or feelings of insecurity…How did you work through it and is it something you think someone can ever fully recover from? As you read the Psalms categorically, the number one category of [the book of] Psalms is lament; people who were depressed and praying it out or singing it out.

Is it something that you still deal with now and would recognize? So it’s a pretty dominate paradigm in scripture, but in culture we tend to think if anybody is sad or depressed then there is something that’s wrong. Prophets like Jeremiah; well that’s just kind of his whole personality, pretty melancholy.

You end up having people and things become the source of your identity, so they become your idolatry. But then I become depressed because I didn’t score well. Now I’m depressed because I didn’t get the LSAT scores I was hoping, and now I can’t get into the school that I want. Oh, they just cheated on or dumped me, now I don’t even know who I am. I’m healthy and independent; I can take care of myself.

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