Marathi old couple sex story

haa chik lawda halavlya aani kuthlya sexy baai cha vichar kelya var nighto baaher..

majhya room madhe aaji zhopaychi dusrya palang var..

It’s about, how I recorded my aunty having affair with uncle’s friend & later used it to blackmail her to open her legs for me.

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toh mhanala ke jeva aaplya la jhavave se vat te tevha lawda ubha hoto..

toh mhanala ke are tujha lawda ubha hoto naa mi mhanalo hoy re .. jevha mulga aapla ubha lawda eka mulgi chya pucchit takto.. mi mhanalo ke are pan mulinchi pucchi tar ek line aste naa fakta..

aani mag kaahi 10 min ne asech vichar aani halawlya nantar maala lawdya madhe kaahi mungya aalya sarkhe vatle .. nantar asech mitran kadna mala knwledge bhetat rahile ke condom kasa asto..

life madhla pahila halawnya cha prasanga hota haa...

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