Man beaten for dating black woman curve lesbian dating

Over the accumulated years of a homogenous media, blacks understand that they are not beautiful.They develop a self-hatred and see their blackness as a sickness.

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Thus, they try to remedy this “sickness” by washing themselves clean through whiteness. And one of those constructs was creating the perfect woman: submissive, quiet, appeals to the man, gentle, white, etc.

They dye their hair, they change the way they walk and talk, they associate themselves with white “culture,” they bleach their skin, and so forth. These characteristics are of an ideal woman and anything outside of that understanding is unattractive.

Any woman, whether they be black, white, Asian, etc. Some people are attracted to black women, some are attracted to white men. I thought my first love would be a white man, my first boyfriend would be a white man, even my husband to be a white man.

are all capable of having a relationship (if they so will it). But it turns out my first relationship and heart were found in a black man.

All of which are meant to try and “blend in,” to “survive.” And this fight for “survival,” requires black people to unify with whiteness but also a segregate from blackness. An unattractiveness that has poisoned mankind against black women.

It’s a betrayal that creates wars within the black community. Too many times, in both past and present, there have been many instances where my fellow black girls are portrayed as stubborn, sassy, dominant, and loud, with derogatory labels such as “ratchet,” “bougie,” and -in the words of Masaratti Rick- “uncoachable” are applied to them.If all Rick wanted was positive encouragement and docile behavior, he would be searching for a specific personality rather than a specific race.In all honesty, Rick’s statements about black women don’t surprise me.Too many times I have seen this question and too many times I have seen the same answer.As I ran a sweaty finger down the mouse wheel, the response- “the answer”- was revealed.How would I be a better football player, if I’m not coachable? I could feel the heat in my face and the pounding of my heart. Too often have I seen this mentality from not only black sportsmen but black men in general.

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