Luke pasqualino dating

He was raised by his parents who are of an Italian descent.

Talking about his educational background, he joined Walton Community School in Walton, Peterborough and graduated from that school.

As a shining child, he was very active and participated in many dramas and other programs.

This British actor also portrayed Elvis Harte in the BBC show ‘Our Girl’ and is currently playing the role of DCP Jimmy in the 2017 film ‘Solar Eclipse: Depth of Darkness’.

Born in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom, Luke Pasqualino was raised in the family with 3 members: father, Pep Pasqualino, mother, and a sister Natalie Pasqualino.

Luke Pasqualino the hunk is currently single and ready to grab the attention of all other woman.

Luke Pasqualino is currently said to be dating actress Maddison Jaizani.

It looks like his relationship with Jessica was lasting almost for a year or at least it looks this way.

But they broke up in 2010 and she is no longer called as Luke Pasqualino girlfriend and he is available for girls to grab him.

The hot Luke after breaking up with his first girlfriend was seen around hanging with Jessica.

Jessica who is famous for her role as CSI have had acted in over 25 films and bagged many awards for her film Piranha 3D!

Before his relationship with Jessica, he was found kissing Klariza Clayton.

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