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Firstly, in some cases, the stories only are signed with contributors’ first names and locations.

In other cases, contributions are anonymous or signed with first names only.

Lisa Hultin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in telecommunications from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia. She worked on the production for the TV pilot "The Profiler" which later became a renowned television series. After reading this one might be spared a bad experience as well as be a little more savvy in the dating arena.

She modeled abroad in Europe for GBG Model Agency in Goteborg Sweden and returning to the U. She is also the writer of the blog for is actively involved in local fundraising for Charities in the Atlanta area. Not often you find a "mother/daughter" team who are close enough to write together! This book is a good laugh and reality is much funnier than fiction always.

It was time for a documentary of on line dating stories that will open your eyes to what can not be seen.

Great time for this book as this business is booming!Online dating is a difficult, time consuming and rather anxious experience.The authors break through the pitfalls and pratfalls to provide a realistic path to a positive outcome. Presenting eye-opening views of what daters most likely will encounter when they plunge into cyber dating, the contributions are real, anecdotal, seemingly truthful, and sometimes emotionally evocative. From them, you may learn how to protect your affections, trust, and time, positive strategies for finding true love and avoiding deception as well as the do’s and don’ts of online and in-person dating. Each chapter includes an introduction written by the authors, their commentary and responses, as well as online dating stories contributed by individuals, most of whom are women and many of whom reside in larger cities in the United States, not limited to Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York."Learn positive strategies and what to look out for from finding true love and great sex to the deception and outrageous incidents people experience in online "dating limbo." This self-help, high-comedy and drama all wrapped up in narratives gives you a titillating bird's eye view of what you can encounter if you take the plunge.

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